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Supporting the HM Government’s Office for Health Promotion UK

Department for Health & Social Care – – – – NHS Long Term Plan

Mens sana in corpore sano       latin: “A sound mind in a healthy body”


If and when you choosea new career as a fully trained certified Klothologist  your mission will be to ensure that everyone from Wellington, New Delhi,  London and to Houston fully understands and enjoys Klotho, …. and why it is so vital that our Klotho protein is fully activated.


Most if not all say age 35 to 58, fit and healthy, do not realise that their senescing bodies need strengthening. Only a fifth of the population have an active Klotho protein and they are mostly nonogenerians along with their progeny. It is a genetic fault inherent within us. Even these fortunate people are unaware that they are enjoying the full benefit of Klotho.


No active Klotho means that as we age, chronic inflammations (forty or more) lay in wait bringing on a burden with consequence. Neuro degeneration can well set in and that is terrifying when the mind is in chaos. Neoplasias that grow silently and unbeknown and so often lead to cancer. Diagnosis then induces a stress which is another cascade into ill health. This unwelcome scenario can be avoided if the effort is made to activate Klotho.


Lung neoplasias can lurk for twenty five years, ranging to melanomas in just two years.


We have researched this protein since July 2000. How to activate it has been so elusive. The Isterol Programme, Advanced Healthcare System, is the result. This is now freely available. “The Quintetic Formula” too is also released for everyone to participate and benefit knowing that they are doing the “right thing”. The story is fascinating. 3788  No. scientific papers have been published extolling the benefits by activating this wonderful protein and hormone. (April 2021).This forward healthcare planning is termed prophylaxis.


Klotho controls every aspect of our brain and body’s metabolism. The choice is a long and healthy senescence or to just bumble along blissfully ignoring the value of a decent life when we retire. Ask yourself, “Is my Klotho protein active and serving me perfectly ?


Sleep: Klotho ensures that our oxidised and waste neurones are cleared more efficiently whilst we are asleep. This known as the Glymphatic Tidal Highway ! This is fascinating.


Klotho Ambassadors entertain their Clients by explaining the role of this vital protein. They are invited to enrol and become Academy Friends. Their membership bringsa newfound interest in your counselling. Not only will they eventually know everything about the attributes of Klotho bioscience but may well wish to explore the subject just as you will have done in reaching your proficiency standard. Networks build enthusiasm.




1997 was a good year. Professor Makato Kuro-o at Texas University discovered and unravelled the secret of this essential protein. At the same time Professor Bill Greenlee and Robert Sutter at MIT discovered an enzyme they called CYP1B1 which is only found in cancer cells. With these two discoveries we have built a bio-framework ensuring bio-availabilty of a range of organic nutraceuticals that can ameliorate a whole range of neuro-degenerative conditions with chronic inflammation, cancer cell progression being interrupted, cardio vascular and pulmonary disorders all now being brought under control. More about the origin; it all started with the story found in Greek mythology.The daughter of Zeus was entrusted to spin and weave the fabric of life. She was Clotho; her name from whom we get the word “clothing”.Our modern “Clotho” was Rosalind Franklin who whilst at Kings College, London in 1952 discovered the genetic structure. She guided Francis Crick and Jim Watson into devising the model of the Double Helix which we now call DNA. She passed away before she could share the Nobel Prize. (More information on this subject in the enrolling package).When Makato Kuro-o stumbled upon a mutation at chromosome 13 position q12 and carried out research, he was surprised at the result. But he realised the potential and assembled this array of proteins, hormones and enzymes. He named the protein Klotho.


Further discovery has revealed the potential of this controlling protein upon every part of our system. Still more secrets are being revealed. Next; the evaluation of the CYP1B1 enzyme this too links with Klotho activation and protection. The metabolites with Vitamin D3 activate Klotho. This is surely a bonus.


The University of Poznan only last year confirmed that the discovery of the natural cytotoxic DMU-214 (browse) at Montfort University, Leicester, UK, in 2006, is the most effective and efficient cytotoxin discovered. As said the enzyme CYP1B1 which exists in every cancer cell metabolises stilbenes from red grapes and berries to form DMU-214.This nutraceutical is now everyones’ choice of therapy for mitotic interruption and halting metastasis. With the new technique of “pressure cooking” winery and citrus waste (no grapefruit), to produce proanthocyanidins this extra facet is a “masterclass” in tumour suppression. Bio-availabilty remains a problem for the future. However DMU-214 has shown this can be overcome through methylation.The anecdotal results are favourable.


As said,when Vitamin D3 is added with a Vitamin B complex, methylation is enhanced. The Klotho protein is then well and truly activated … in the brain (choroid plexus), heart (sinoatrial node), in the parathyroid gland and extensively in the kidneys’ distal convoluted tubules. This in turn gives cardio vascular and pulmonary protection, assured immune system and neuro efficacy.


Consider the well-being that evolves from better cognition, memory and improved executive function. Nothing worse than confusion in later years. So learning more about Klotho represents a great adventure scientifically and socially.


Remember, this is only the beginning of much research that’s lined up for the future.


This introduction perhaps shows the potential in getting everyone “on board” looking forward to a long and healthy senescence, sound in body and mind.


Don’t forget the need for moderate exercise every day as this is true activator of the Klotho protein.


Since 1997 many scientific institutions have published articles extolling the virtues and benefits of the Klotho protein array of hormones and enzymes. Also how the aryl hydrocarbon receptor and CYP1B1 relate to suppress tumorigenesis with Klotho and DMU-214


At April 2021 there has been 3788 No. publications about Klotho, for DMU-212, 476 No.,DMU-214, 404 No. and for proanthcyanidins, 703, No. You can imagine this has involved probably over sixteen thousand scientists worldwide.For our bio-technical enthusiasts we have selected 55 No. papers available upon request which will be despatched to Ambassadors following enrolment, if called for. Also a letter from Makato. Meanwhile here are five publications highlighting some areas of study.


“Biological Role of Klotho protein in Cardio Vascular Disease”

“Klotho deficiency is a major factor for the most prevalent cardio vascular diseases”

Agnieszka Olejnik et al    (2018) BioMed Research Int      Poznan University


“Klotho controls the Brain-Immune System interface in the Choroid Plexus”

Lei Zhu, Lennart Mucke et al   (2018) PNASVol 115:48     Karolinske Inst Stockholm and UCSF


“Stilbene methylated analogue of Resveratrol (DMU-212) increases anti-aging Kloho gene expression via the activating transcription factor 3/Jun complex-mediated signalling pathway”

S. C. Hsu et al        (2014) Int J. Biocem Cell Biol 53; 361-71


“Metadichol® a Novel Agonist of the Anti-Aging gene in Cancer Cell Lines inhibits pancreatic cancer”

Palayakotai R Raghavan   (2018) J. Cancer Sci Ther    Nanorx Inc NY

Metadichol a food-based lipid emulsion of long chain alcohols leads to a 4 to 10 fold increase in Klotho expression. Dr R. adds,it is beneficial in atherosclerosis and diabetes. US Pat.9.006.292


“Microbial enhancement of chondroitin sulphate leads to restoration of Klotho expression mimicking histone acetylation”

Ruggiero Marco       (2017) BAOJ HIV 3.029      University of Firenze


Important Statement

The subject deals only with the proven mimetic activation and expression of the endogenous protein that is located in our kidneys, heart, PTH (parathyroid glland)   and within the brain. Our aim is to reveal the results and expectations regarding a long and healthy senescence postulated by scientists emulating from discoveries made by Professors Makato Kuro-o, Bill Greenlee and Robert Sutter. Also we must make record of the tireless effort of Professors Gerry Potter and Danny Burke, De Montfort University discovering DMU-214.This academic enterprise was their idea in 2002. We haven’t let up 24/7 since !


If any reader, or enrolled Friend of the Academy is concerned about their health they must immediately report to their professional healthcare provider and specialist. Our role lays only within the term, prophylaxis.A complete and guarded homeostasis.


Conclusion. If you are now considering the potential of entering this new career, you can be assured of our total support. You will find job satisfaction and much enjoyment that stems from friendship and people who recognise your devotion to the enterprise as well.

For enrolment details, e-mail

Name: Michael Cleary

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Hastings, UK

TN34 3HD 

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