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Klotho International Academy


We have arranged three courses to suit everyones’ preference

a.Foundation. This will provide confidence for Regional Health Officers and their Ambassadors. Basic biology enabling a comfortable appreciation of The Quintetic Formula’s benefits. This course provides for the issue of a Proficiency Certificate to Practice: Klothology Professorial bursaries have been made available by our Sponsors, if called upon.

b. Medical Graduate. For healthcare, specialists and general practitioners with time-limited-prioritities. Sufficient to grasp the objectives laid down in the NHS Long Term Plan regarding Klotho.

c. Medical Graduate. For recently qualified doctors who wish to seek academic advancement. Opportunity is provided for those keen to promote genetic techniques enabling activation of the Klotho array and perhaps a further understanding on how Klotho functions. The Academy is established with access to five professors at several UK and USA universities. Graduates can relate to their own universities as well as receiving moderation from our team. Our sponsors will be pleased to assist with publication procedures.

The Foundation Course curriculum embraces:

1. Biology: update on our organ structure and function

2. Environmental influence and consequences

3. Definitions:

chronic inflammation

neuro degeneration


4. Klotho:

general description

history and its discovery

location: kidneys, heart, brain, PTH gland

5. What activated-Klotho enables,

6.  Consequences of Klotho deficiency such as discussed in 3,

7. Presentation of various improvements, for example, Glymphatic “Tidal Highway”, neurone waste clearance Pre-natal births and adult mental and physical disability Cognition and improved executive function

8. Senescence and improved longevity,

9. proanthocyanidins and stilbenes; recent developments since discovery.The work can be expanded depending upon the level of interest. This is just a glimpse.