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Salters, Hastings, TN34 3HD

Career opportunity

Future healthcare …. looking forward to a healthy senescence – FREE from most dysfunction !

Achieved only by unlocking the concealed Klotho protein. Only a fifth of population are unlocked.

Klotho manages all of our organs ensuring maximum efficiency so that our brains use the 18% of our energy production to achieve full cognition, along with great emotional well-being. Simple.

Train and become a Counsellor. Job satisfaction through guiding and helping everyone into their awareness of how Klotho controls every aspect of our being. Earnings in region £60K per annum

—- –

The Isterol Programme with the NHS Long Term Plan. Healthy senescence reduces care support in time to come. This work will in turn reduce the population’s reliance upon DH&SC resources.

Klotho deficiency (Klotho protein is not activated ) results in many dysfunctions such as:

Chronic inflammation of which there are over 40 types (apply for the list)
Neuro degeneration such as lack of cognition, dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s, MS, etc Cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases,
Cancer onset stemming from AHR activity, dysplasia, neoplasia, unwanted mitosis and metastasis, Disrupted auto-immunity, sympathetic / parasympathetic nervous systems not being synchronised.

(The list is available upon enquiry) K.I.A. has determined the ideal recipe for activation using a range of organic nutraceuticals,

the unique quintetic formula

The work is supported by over 3502 No. scientific published papers since 1997. Browse on-line ! —- –

Stage1. Commence the tuition with the support of our professorial team. Bursaries are available.

Stage 2. Decide whether a career in a healthcare promotion suits your long term career aspiration.

Stage 3. After a three-month endeavour; if you decide to participate having gained proficiency and awarded your “Certificate to Practice Klotho Healthcare”, as a Counsellor, simply enrol.

Stage 4. Then be assigned to your Regional Health Officer’s Team. (Vacancies for these roles too). (There are twenty regions in the UK and Eire. K.I.A. is represented in USA, Australia, India, EU)

Stage 5. Maybe you will be part of a small group, three or four, in your post code prefix district or just working on your own. The task is to encourage, gaining confidence with sensible people who also realise it is vital, if not essential, to achieve full senescent-health for their Families et al. It is akin to clients investing in their own health insurance so that they do not become a burden.

As a Counsellor with your befriended clientele have fun and support the ever widening benefit of the Klotho system, The Isterol Programme. It is still early days even after 23 years since its discovery. It becomes a personal life-time commitment for your Clients. Everyday nutrients costing from about £1.60 are available from most shops. Note: K.I.A. welcomes referrals from GP’s in medicinal practice.

Your Clients will be in their mid-life profile and perhaps they will encourage their friends too.

If this role fits your ambition in say a career change and for your personal development, contact: Michael Cleary, principal and director Klotho International Academy [email protected]

Some interesting notes:

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The Klotho protein, hormone and also functions as an enzyme, is active in people who are living nonogenarians or shall we recall, those who have been so. It is genetic.

Klotho is activated by The Unique Quintetic Formula at the
kidneys’ distal convoluted microtubules

choroid plexus in the brain parathyroid gland sinoatrial node in the heart

(“pacemaker” when stressed)

When coupled with aliphatic lipid nano emulsion of long chain alcohols it enables the telomeres to lengthen. This function is vital as it indicates morbidity. Every time a cell undergoes mitotic division after the need to be replenished (worn out), the telomere at the tip of the chromosome shortens. Cancer cells during “unwanted” mitosis give rise to the enzyme telomerase which allows the telomere to lengthen !! …the reason why cancer cells are immortal. They never die. We can now produce telomerase ! Scientific papers on longevity are available on request.

The ingredients appertaining The Unique Formula are organic. No medicinal drugs are involved. The formula is classified as a phyto-nutraceutical. It is a stilbene scaffold

The success is due to work carried out at MIT, Boston Medical School, Aberdeen University, De Montfort University, Poznan University and Nanorx Inc, NY.

Most cancers are derived from dripping unburnt petrol exhausting at traffic lights or caught
up in traffic queues. The benz(a) pyrene excites the aryl hydrogen receptor which sets in motion the process which reveals the “rogue” enzyme, CYP1B1. This is found only in about 97% of cancer cells and also in glaucoma cells (Asian population). Not found in normal healthy cells.

When DMU-212 is eaten it is a nutritious and is absorbed by every cell. When confronted with the CYP1B1 enzyme it is catalysed to DMU-214. This is the most biotransformational
cytotic molecule ever found. This releases cyclin proteins which in turn interrupt the unwanted mitosis process destroying the chromosome division during spindling so the cell is dismantled.

DMU-212 coupled with Vitamin D3 activates Klotho. It is part of The Quintetic Formula. Chronic inflammation is attributed to over forty dysfunctions that creep up in senescence.

Send for the list is frightening. Also neuro degeneration can be so often avoided. Act now !

Hospital, Mumbai. The report dated 13th June 2020 is available. 29 out 30 extubated patients tested NEGATIVE after 7 to 10 days. We are proud to be associated. All of us at K.I.A. have adopted the Nano Soma protocol. It was used against the viral diseases, Ebola, SARS, W Nile and Dengue Fever.

KLOTHO UK Limited (Not a trading company – academia) Registered Office: 20-22 Wenlock Road, London N1 7GU

Registered in England and Wales No. 11445411


Learn about our work with Nanorx Inc. and their success in treating COVID-19 at Kasturba

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